Graffiti-Enz has a range of exciting environmentally friendly graffiti removal products. These enzyme powered products remove enamel spray can paint, permanent ink marker, crayon and glues from acrylic painted surfaces, perspex signs, powder coated and stainless steel surfaces, painted brick, tiles and glass without causing any major damage to the surface and works better than other commercially available products when removing freshly applied graffiti.

Grime-Enz products include our environmentally friendly Stainless Steel Cleaner, Amazing Superwipes and Train Wash. Grime-Enz products are perfect for the removal of stubborn grease and grime on bench tops, stainless steel surfaces, barbecues, walls, kitchen appliances, plastics and laminex.

Grime-Enz products are enzyme powered and biodegradable and are available in 750ml trigger spray bottles and 5L bottles.

Graffiti-Enz is also available in convenient Super Wipe Canisters containing 35 heavy duty graffiti removing wipes. They are the perfect DIY product for workers and cleaners in schools, colleges, councils, buses, trains, trucks and for building assets. The wipes are very effective removing graffiti from all types of expensive metal signs (example: road and council signs) without causing any damage to the sign or the vinyl lettering. The ingredients used in Graffiti-Enz are safer than most of the harsh chemicals used in typical household cleaners.

Think SMART and use Graffiti-Enz and Grime-Enz products to get rid of graffiti and grime around your home, business, restaurant, shopping centre, public areas, commercial, transport and office buildings and assets.







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