Graffiti Removal from steel surfaces

Clean up and remove graffiti from your Colourbond fence, garage door, aluminum or any steel surface with products by Graffiti-Enz.

Steel fences and stainless steel surfaces are resistant and non absorbent, which means these surfaces do not need high pressure or powerful toxic graffiti cleaners to remove graffiti because paint will not soak into the steel. Application of the Graffiti-Enz products is an easy, at home solution and safe for the environment.

The key to the best results removing graffiti on steel surfaces is to gently apply a graffiti removal product by hand, as not to damage, scratch or permanently corrode the surface. The graffiti removal solution has been developed by the experienced team at Graffiti-Enz with nature in mind. The fresher the graffiti is, the easier it is to remove so apply Graffiti-Enz products at the first sight of vandalism on your property.

Graffiti Removal can be a tough job, for incredible results. For an easy-to-use Graffiti-Enz Graffiti Remover solution call our friendly and dedicated staff on 0427 767 844 or visit to view our full range of Graffiti Removal products.

Graffiti-Enz Red is a heavy duty graffiti remover ideal for removing most types of freshly applied graffiti from acrylic painted surfaces, signs with vinyl lettering, stainless steel, painted brick, vinyl particle board, tiles and marble. Graffiti-Enz Red MSDS